PRODUCTS - Linear Diffusers: Fixed Blades

Linear Diffuser DLF

Fixed blades linear diffuser.


Fixed blades linear diffuser, horizontal discharge. The effect "Coanda" is kept with 30% only of the nominal flow being an ideal solution for variable volume. Standard anodized aluminium finish or white Ral 9016. Made in any length (from 2m in sections). Width from 1 to 4 way standard version, with one or two directions of shock. Available piece of inglete to form angle of 90°. With a flow range from 60m³⁄h to 500m³⁄h per meter. Lug locking system to hang with threaded rod, with mounting bridge or plenum. Optional hinged for access to the filter.


Diffusers suitable for ceiling.

Description Accessoires:

End Pieces: to the ends.

Mounting Traverse: in galvanized steel.

Independent Plenum: in galvanized steel, made in any size, with horizontal circular mouth, optionally isolated and/or filter. Latch fixing of glass by reducing the assembly time.

Plenum of Assembly: in galvanized steel, made in any size, with horizontal circular mouth with or without regulation damper, optionally isolated and/or filter.

Silent Fixed Blades

Silent Fixed Blades linear diffuser [DLF]

Diffuser DLF-S

Moving Blades

Moving blades linear diffuser [DLM]

Diffuser DLM

Orientable Rollers

Orientable rollers linear diffuser [DLR]

Diffuser DLR