PRODUCTS - Air Supply Grilles: Single Deflection

Air Supply Grilles IH - IV

Air supply grilles of single deflection, longitudinal or transverse adjustable vanes.


Grilles of adjustable vanes, standard anodized aluminum finish or white Ral 9016, with three types of fixation: screws, bolts or clips. The nominal sizes ranging from 100mm to 1.500mm in length and 75mm to 600mm in height, with a flow range from 100m³⁄h to 10.000m³⁄h.


Grilles suitable for wall mounting.

Accessories Description:

Opposited Blades Damper: in galvanized steel, operated by slider, mounted with screws on grilles and optionally removable by setting clips.

Mounting Frame: in galvanized steel, adaptable to any type of fixation and served in single bars kit (4) to assemble on site.

Plenum of Assembly: in galvanized steel, made in any size upon request, with circular mouth (horizontal or vertical) and optionally with insulation.

Double Deflection

Air supply grilles double deflection [IHV-IVH]

Grille IHV

Grille IVH

Curved Vanes

Air supply grilles of curved vanes [ICH]

Grille ICH

Circular Duct

Air supply grilles of circular duct [IHV-CC]

Grille IV/IVH-CC

High Safety

Air Supply Grilles of High Safety [RAS]

Grille RAS