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Spherical Nozzle TEI

Injection Spherical Nozzle.


Spherical nozzle by rotular movement positioning, suitable for long throws. Standard anodized aluminum finish or white RAL 9016. The nominal sizes ranging from 6" to 14" with a flow range from 300m³⁄h to 1.400m³⁄h. Versión to hole in biflex.


Suitable for mounting on wall or duct.

Accessories Description:

Connecting Piece: galvanized finish to bring a circular duct for different diameters of pipes.

Sliding Disk Damper: black pvc sliding disc operated by turning the central cone.

Trim ring: ring to hide screw.


Multinozzle [BMT]

Multinozzle BMT

Nozzle Unit

Nozzle Unit [MTEI]

Nozzle Unit MTEI

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