Air supply - Series I

Supply air grilles
  • Adjustable vanes

Linear - Series GL

Linear grilles
  • Fixed vanes

Air return - Series R

Return air grilles
  • Fixed vanes

Circular - Series DCI

Circular diffusers
  • Fixed or adjustable cones

Squares - Series DCU Rectangular - Series DR

Square - Rectangular diffusers
  • Square 4 ways - Rectangular 1-2 ways

Linear - Series DL

Slots diffusers
  • Continuous linear diffuser

Swirl - Series DFR

Swirl diffusers
  • Modular ceilings

Decorative - Series DD

Decorative diffusers
  • Four ways horizontal flow pattern

Nozzle - Series TEI

  • Suitable for long throws

Nozzle Unit - Serie MTEI

Nozzle Unit
  • Rotular movement positioning

Multinozzle Unit - Series BMT

Multinozzle unit
  • Adaptable to round ducts

Exhaust Air alves - Series BE

Exhaust air valves
  • Adjustable core

Weatherproof - Series TAE

Weatherproof louvres
  • Weatherproof profile

Back pressure - Series PSA

Back pressure dampers
  • Back pressure dampers

Control dumpers - Series CR

Control dumpers
  • Electric or manual control
  • Special units

Volume regulator - Series VC

Volume regulator
  • Made in PVC or steel
  • Maximum working temperature 60º C