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A reference company in the air conditioning sector

We are a leading company in the industrial and commercial air conditioning sector. We have our own laboratory and R&D department and highly qualified and committed human team.

For this we can offer our customers the highest range of products for the intake, regulation,diffusion and extraction of air, and the development of high efficiency and environmentally friendly air handling units and fancoils produced in our 5000 m2 facilities in Fuenlabrada (Madrid, Spain.)

We have a wide commercial network in Spain and also in France, Belgium, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia and Peru with which we can serve all our customers.


and experience in each and every one of our products


of all our customers. Our objetive.


to continue offering new products for new needs


to inform, advise, answer technical inquiry, etc.

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Our Objectives

Our main objective is to achieve the total satisfaction of our clients thanks to an absolute control of the quality of our products and to irreproachable customer service.

We develop a process of continuous improvement, with a constant and systematic process reengineering oriented to constantly increase the competitiveness of our products. The objective is to consolidate the AIRFLOW brand as a leader in the field of diffusion in the national and international market.

Our Resources

We have highly qualified staff specialized in the design and application of products for air diffusion, with more than 5,000 m2 of facilities equipped with the most advanced technology in production and a quality control system according to the standard ISO-9001. That guarantees a strict control of the processes.


The sustainability of our products is a priority for AirFlow. In our manufacturing processes we look for the maximum efficiency to minimise the environmental impact.

But also in our products and thanks to our own R&D department we manage to develop technologies that minimize energy consumption.